How to upload or update a mode at

New Mode:

  • Make sure the contribution is released unde a free license, preferably the GNU Public License (the license used for the Jed editor itself).
  • Download and unpack mode-template.tgz
  • Edit dcdata.txt.
  • Optionally, create a /mode/<modename>/doc/ subdir and place additional documentation (screenshots, html-documents, changelog, modefuns.txt) there.

The following actions differ for Jedmodes developers and other contributors:

Non Developers

  • Send to one of the Jedmodes Maintainers or so the developers can upload it.
  • If the modes source file(s) shall be on sourceforge as well, send them along with the metadata. Otherwise make sure the identifier: and/or source: terms are set in your dcdata.txt file.


  • Upload (with scp or rsync) the modes home-dir to:

  • Upload the sources to CVS (see jedmodes-cvs)

  • Check the modes homepage<modename>/ as well as the listings in Mode - Subject and Categories and eventually adapt the metadata in dcdata.txt to give your mode the right place.

New Version:

  • Update dcdata.txt if needed. (e.g. if you have hardcoded hasVersions: and/or date: terms)
  • Update the additional info in the doc/ directory (if needed).

Non Developers

send to


  • Commit the changes to CVS (see jedmodes-cvs):

    cvs commit <mode-dir>
  • Update the dcdata.txt metadata file (if changed):

    scp dcdata.txt <username>,<modename>/

Jedmodes Mode

The experimental jedmodes mode contains "wizard functions" that can guide you through the process of creating and updating a mode.

[1]Developers have write access to the Jedmodes web space and CVS repository. People planning to publish several modes (and to update them regularely) might consider to get an account at Sourceforge and ask a project administrator for inclusion in the developers list.