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apache mode for editing Apache configuration files
apsmode pretty printing mode using a2ps
autotext autotext a la MS Word
awk mode for editing Awk scripts
boxquote Draw boxes around text
brief Brief editor emulation
browse_url Functions for display of web pages from within JED.
bufed buffer manager
bufutils Tools for buffer and windows handling
cal calendar and diary
calc SLang calculator
cdecl S-Lang version of K&R's dcl program
ch_table A "popup_buffer" with a table of characters
circle Circular array with relational indexing
colors collection of color schemes
complete keyword completion function
console_keys make Key_Shift-Left etc. work on a Unix (Linux) console
css1 Mode for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
csvutils Utilities to work with csv data
cua CUA (Windows/Mac/CDE/KDE-like) bindings for Jed
cuamark CUA style of marking ("volatile regions")
cuamisc Helper functions for the cua suite
cuamouse CUA compatible mouse mode
custmode Custom syntax highlighting
dabbrev Complete the current word looking for similar word-beginnings
datutils Convenience functions for several Data_Types
diagnose Diagnostic functions for SLang programmers
dict A dict client.
dict-backend backends for the dict: protocoll
dictmode User friendly interface to the "dict:" protocoll.
diffmode Unified diff mode viewer and editor for Jed
ding Ding dictionary lookup function and mode
email mode for editing emails
ffap Find File At Point
filelist A special mode for file listings (ls, locate)
fileview configurable file viewing function
filter-buffer Filter buffer: hide lines that match (or do not match) a pattern
folding-keypad-bindings Numpad key-bindings for folding mode
gdbmrecent another recent mode
gnuplot Mode for the Gnuplot plotting program
grep Interface to the `grep` command
history Save the content of the minibuffer across jed sessions
home-lib Initialize libraries for jed extensions easily
hyperhelp Hypertext help browser.
hyperman hypertextish man pager
info Info reader for JED
ishell Interactive shell ("workbook mode")
ispell spell checking utilities
jedasp Try to simulate MS IIS Active Server Pages with JED
jedgtk slgtk dialogs for JED
jedscape web browser
kcomplete keyword completion from the syntax table
keywords Create keyword lists for syntax tables
latex-jlm Yet another latex mode for Jed
libdir Support for library directories with jed extensions
life Conway's Game of Life
listing Mode for listings of e.g. files or findings
make Mode for 'Makefile' files
make_ini Initialize non-standard modes automatically
manedit mode for editing Unix manpages
md5 MD5 message digest algorithm implemented in SLang
menutils popup menu extensions
minued Minibuffer edit mode
moby-thesaurus thesaurus lookup tool
mtools Interface to mtools for easy floppy read/write under UNIX
mupad Mode for Mupad (computer algebra system) files.
navigate "History feature" known from many browsers
newsflash Newsfeed reader
numbuf Number the buffers and bind Alt-[n] to go to buffer n
occur occur with context
outline outline mode
pcre Perl-compatible occur function
po_mode Mode for editing Gettext PO-files
print printer interface
pylit Functions for literal programming with PyLit
pymode Python mode
recent Provide easy access to recently opened/saved files.
rfcview RFC viewer
rimini Reverse incremental search function for the minibuffer.
rmail MUA suite
rst Mode for reStructuredText
ruby editing mode for the ruby scripting language
scrnhelp Show little help buffers
server Run JED as editing server
sl_utils Basic SLang programming utils
snake Eat the apples and stay away from the walls
sprint_var Pretty print variable values to a string
sql Syntax highlighting for SQL modes
sqlited Mode for working with SQLite databases
strutils String processing functions
subpar paragraph reformatter
svn Utilities for version control from Jed
tar interface to GNU tar
temabbrv On request replaces the word at cursor with a user-defined template
templates Open templates and do some replacements
tm TM documentation parser and TM creation tools
tokenlist Display a list of routines or matching lines in current
tree Recursive directory listing utility
txtutils Tools for text processing (marking, string processing, formatting)
unittest Framework for unit testing of S-Lang scripts
uri Let jed handle Universal Ressource Identifiers (URIs)
utf8helper Converting latin-1 <-> utf8.
vi vi editor emulation mode
view A generic view mode for readonly buffers
window Window management routines
x-keydefs Extended set of key variables
zip Mode for browsing zip archives

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