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uibufed buffer manager
rimini Reverse incremental search function for the minibuffer.
server Run JED as editing server
view A generic view mode for readonly buffers
ui.convenienceapsmode pretty printing mode using a2ps
autotext autotext a la MS Word
ch_table A "popup_buffer" with a table of characters
colors collection of color schemes
console_keys make Key_Shift-Left etc. work on a Unix (Linux) console
ffap Find File At Point
filter-buffer Filter buffer: hide lines that match (or do not match) a pattern
gdbmrecent another recent mode
history Save the content of the minibuffer across jed sessions
minued Minibuffer edit mode
navigate "History feature" known from many browsers
numbuf Number the buffers and bind Alt-[n] to go to buffer n
recent Provide easy access to recently opened/saved files.
uri Let jed handle Universal Ressource Identifiers (URIs)
window Window management routines
x-keydefs Extended set of key variables
ui.emulationbrief Brief editor emulation
cua CUA (Windows/Mac/CDE/KDE-like) bindings for Jed
cuamark CUA style of marking ("volatile regions")
cuamisc Helper functions for the cua suite
cuamouse CUA compatible mouse mode
vi vi editor emulation mode
ui.helphyperhelp Hypertext help browser.
info Info reader for JED

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