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languagesapache mode for editing Apache configuration files
languages translationpo_mode Mode for editing Gettext PO-files
languages.markupcss1 Mode for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
latex-jlm Yet another latex mode for Jed
manedit mode for editing Unix manpages
rst Mode for reStructuredText
tm TM documentation parser and TM creation tools
languages.programmingawk mode for editing Awk scripts
cdecl S-Lang version of K&R's dcl program
gnuplot Mode for the Gnuplot plotting program
make Mode for 'Makefile' files
mupad Mode for Mupad (computer algebra system) files.
pymode Python mode
ruby editing mode for the ruby scripting language
sql Syntax highlighting for SQL modes
languages.programming.slangdiagnose Diagnostic functions for SLang programmers
hyperhelp Hypertext help browser.

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