Changes to the Jed Modes Repository

Added new html rewrite rule for text format, try e.g.
Added a new html rewrite rule:Now you can reach the latest version of a source file from CVS via a short and easy to memorise URL like e.g.

The new set of php scripts is now in place. Some new features:

The mode index allows the retrieval of expanded meta-data in plain text format by appending '?format=text/plain' to the URL, e.g. This could e.g. be used by an installer script.

No more autodetection of source files. Use the 'identifier' term if there is just one source file or 'hasPart' for several files with an URL. See dcmi-terms-for-jedmodes for details.

Mode listings use shaded background for increased readability. The mode listing pages are still xhtml "transitional", so that the background shading of the table also works in "light" browsers without CSS support.


Converted main index page and search to xhtml 1.0. The other pages shall follow suit. There is a restructuring of all the php scripts under way -- the look and feel should stay (with slight improvements) while the internal organisation should become more clear and unified.

search-dcdata (to be precise, the grep_* functions) now filter commented lines (i.e. lines in the dcdata.txt files that start with a hash).

Removed the 'noframes.php' symlink to the home page 'index.php'. Fixed typo. Fixed CVS links in home page.
Edit of the main index page. Put Jed info first. Add link to the jed-extra package for Debian and Ubuntu.
Added usage information to the Jedmodes - Doc index. HTML version of the sources README.

The CVS server changed its name (after some outages):

-            % alias

Updated the Jedmodes CVS-Howto and the PHP scripts to reflect the change.

Sourceforge now provides also a SVN repository as alternative to CVS. We should migrate to SVN soon. Information on migrating a project to Subversion is at:

Updated the main index page and the documentation index (with a transfer of the latter to reStructuredText format). New style sheets (work in progress).

ViewCVS works again. (I only got to know this, because Marko Mahnic told me. There was no announcement from Sourceforge and the entry telling of the outage on simply dissapeared.) Updated mode-index.php and documentation to reflect the change.

  • a source term with scheme "cvs:" translates to a ViewCVS download URI.
  • if no source term is given, links to the working directory are created. This way all source files of a mode can be listed.

Made the src directory group writable, so all developers have access

Made a new release (jedmodes 1.2) from CVS snapshot.


Workaround for broken CVS: placed a working copy in the webspace and adapted link translation in parse-dcdata.php

Documentaion update and transfer to reStructuredText (and generated Html) format.

Update of directory-structure.txt to reflect the "outsourcing" of the source files to CVS.

Update of mode-index.php and parse-dcdata.php to use ViewCVS for an URL for sources in CVS. Sources in the webspace are no longer automatically listed. You have to declare the source(s) in the dcdata.txt file. A source URI of translates to a ViewCVS download URL.

Removed the download forms that no longer work from mode-index.php and modes/index.php

!! the CVS server is broken !! No-one knows for how long (see

Sources are now also detected directly in the modes home directory. Made doc/mode-template/index.php a wrapper script instead of a symlink
Copied the sources to cvs. Update of the documentation folder
Update of the index page. Index page for the documentation folder
2004-10 is up again. We had to promise to offer the downloads via the File Release System, so expect some changes to the download mechanism soon.
Deleted files of the old (framed) version (backups kept) Deleted mode/*/last symlinks|dirs. These were a backwards compatibility hack with the old JMR.
2004-07 is down. Closed by Sourceforge (for inactivity, as we found by Support Requests item #1015226).

TODO: add former changes