DCMI Metadata Terms for Jedmodes

Application Profile[1] of DCMI Metadata Terms for Jedmodes



Term Value Encoding
title mode name free_text
abstract synopsis (one line/sentence abstract) free_text
description full description free text
date last modification date ISO date
rights copyright free text
creator Author name(s) DCSV
subject keyword list DCSV
identifier download URL DCSV
contributor Contributor name(s) DCSV
requires list of required modes/versions DCSV
isVersionOf parent mode name (if specific) DCSV
hasVersion list of versions or cvs:<title> DCSV
isReplacedBy modename or URL DCSV
replaces modename or URL DCSV
isRequiredBy modename or URL DCSV
isPartOf modename or URL of parent DCSV
hasPart download URL of single file(s) DCSV
isReferencedBy modename or URL DCSV
references modename or URL (Recommandations) DCSV
audience list of user groups DCSV
source deprecated! DCSV
extent download size free text
format MIME type MIME
type Software, Dataset, Text DC Type
license URL to license(s) DCSV

Metadata Terms

Mandatory terms

If these terms are missing, shortcomings in the web interface result.


the mode name


the mode author(s)


Keywords from the closed vocabulary described in keywords-for-jedmodes.

Used for sorting/browsing the modes via the web interface (see http://jedmodes.sf.net/modes/subject/)


synopsis (one line/sentence abstract) shown in the mode listings


Short (one or a few paragraphs) description of the mode. Can also be a link to the mode description (description.html, description.txt, <modename>.hlp, ...


last modification date


The Jedmodes index page says: If not stated otherwise, the modes at Jedmodes are free software under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

However, it is advisable to have an explicit copyright note for every mode.

Optional terms

Use, if appropriate.


Download URL, should return the mode without further user interaction. Subject to Expansions.

Leave out, if there is no such download URL for the mode (e.g. for a mode existing of several files with no downloadable archive file).


List of files or sub-modes that belong the mode. Subject to Expansions.

Can be used to give the download URLs for separate mode files.


When there are several versions available online. Subject to Expansions.

If the mode is stored at the CVS repository, a link to a ViewVC directory listing will automatically added.


URL to required modes. Subject to Expansions. (optional) String for required jed version (if brand new)


People who contributed to the mode.


When describing a specific version. Subject to Expansions.


Use if a mode is obsoleted by a new mode/concept/jed-version (not versions of the same mode). Subject to Expansions.


Use if the mode obsoletes another mode (not an older version). Subject to Expansions.


Optional. List of modes requiring the mode. Subject to Expansions.

A list of modes requiring this mode will be autogenerated by grepping in the dcdata.txt files of all Jedmodes modes.


Use, if the mode is part of a larger unit. Subject to Expansions.


Modes that use but do not require the mode. Subject to Expansions.


URL of the mode's license(s)


Modes not required but helpfull (Recommandations). Subject to Expansions.


A reference to a resource from which the present resource is derived. Subject to Expansions.

Because of the name similarity, this term was used to point to the source code. However, this is not the meaning as described in http://dublincore.org/documents/dcmi-terms/.

For backwards compatibility, the value will be listed under "Download links".

Discussed terms (should jedmodes use them?)


MIME type (application/x-slang (?), application/x-tar, ...) (can be autoguessed by the filename)


Software (modes), Dataset (e.g. color-schemes), Text (documentation) defaults to Software


download size


Def.: A class of entity for whom the resource is intended or useful. Would give an additional sorting criterium. Need to agree on a closed vocabulary [programers, slang-programers, newbies, Unix-users, all, ...]

It would be nice to have a term that indicates the status of the mode (experimental, beta, stable, outdated, orphaned). However, this does not fit into any of the DCMI terms nicely. Ideas welcome.


Proposal: encode a subset of DC in a simple text format similar to RFC822


Based on the context, a number of auto completions and expansions of the meta data is done by the php scripts prior to the transformation to html or text output.

Defaults to directory name where the dcdata.txt file is in. (Which should always have the same name as the mode.)
If not given, guess from modification time of the directory name where the dcdata.txt file is in. (As this is error prone, preferabely include (and update) the date in dcdata.txt.)
Link to the ViewVC html view of the CVS repository is added, if the mode is located there.
Jedmodes modes that require this one are added.


Modenames in pointers are expanded to a full URL to mode entries at Jedmodes
The special shorthand URI with scheme cvs: is translated to a ViewVC download URL.