Jedmodes - Doc

Jedmodes site

  • How to install a Jed mode.
  • Sourceforge Project Page: Statistics, contact data, download links and more.
  • Site Structure: Concept and directory structure of the Jed Modes Repository.
  • Changelog: Changes to the Jedmodes web pages.
  • DC Metadata: Metadata terms used to catalogue a Jed mode and further information about Dublin Core metadata terms.
  • Keywords: Hierarchical list of keywords/categories.

Writing a mode

  • is the literate source of a mode template and commented example for anyone wanting to write a new jed mode. The S-Lang code is

Contributing to Jedmodes

  • Jedmodes Howto: How to publish a mode on Jedmodes.
  • CVS-Howto: How to work with the Jedmodes CVS repository.
  • mode-template: a template for a mode home directory (gzipped tar). Use this for submitting your modes.
  • Tools for the Jedmodes developer (creating and updating modes at Jedmodes, "works for me", adapt to your site)

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